HR Consultant

Job ID 11308 HR Consultant
Posted date 25-Apr-2021
Deadline 30-Sep-2021
Job Location Egypt - Cairo
Educational Degree Bachelors
Career Level 3-5 years experience , Senior
Languages Arabic,English
Responsibilities Company Human Resources System Development and Restructuring.

B. Key and Main Responsibilities
• Performing the initial assessment of the clients’ business processes and structure for the development of HR system or re-structuring.
• Developing the documentation for clients including Organizational Chart, Job Descriptions, HR Policies, Procedures, Process Flows, Authority Matrix, Functional Statements, Salary Scale, Employee Handbook, forms, etc.
• Conducting awareness trainings for the employees on developed documents.
• Providing assistance to client’s for the implementation of the developed documentation.
• Develop Human Resources man power plans based on client strategy
• Conduct staff screening and evolution on behalf of client if required
• Perform corporate cultural assessments and Identify key priorities for investments in human capital (career development plan)
• Help clients upgrade the capabilities of their workforce to meet current and future business needs (Talent Management)
Job Type Full Time Job
Additional Notes  Presentable.
 Excellent computer skills.
 Team Focus; actively works with others
 Good written and verbal skills
 Good time management skills.
 Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate with all levels of the organization.
 Excellent Communication skills

Information About the candidates
Gender Any
Notice Period 1 month or less
Employer Profile Abu-Ghazaleh Professional Recruitment is a member of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization, the largest Arab group of professional firms in the field of accounting, management consulting, training, intellectual property, legal services, information technology, capacity building, credit information, legal translation, professional training, credit information and professional recruitment services.

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